Welcome to Delta Online Racing

Delta Online Racing aims to provide drivers of all abilities and experience some close, clean exciting racing.

We are committed to providing the best possible racing experience for everyone, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Each Sunday at 8pm (2000) UK time, we host a 12 Round Championship which is usually followed by a 6 Round Cup Competition with a Spec tune.

Please see below the 4 steps it takes to get racing with Delta.

Hope to see you on the track soon.

DOR YelloCactus & DOR STEVE911


1. Register as a member on the Forum

2. Next, you need a Delta Driver Number. Go to Delta Driver Numbers, check to see what's available (page 1) and request a number.

3. Go to the race series you want to take part in to get the build, tune (if it's a Cup) and check the calendar

4. Go to 'Sign in', enter your Gamertag, Delta Driver Number etc and you're signed in for the next race.

Once you've signed-in, keep checking the Live Timing (linked at the top of the page) which gets updated through the week.
Approx 24hrs before race night you'll see your name in a Qualifying lobby with your hosts name.

On race night the lobbies open up by 7:50PM (1950) UK time. That's your cue to join your host.
Do not wait for an invite; it's the drivers responsibilty to join their hosts party chat and race lobby.
Keep the Live Timing open because you'll see qualifying times being entered Live and once all lobbies have qualified, you'll see which Race lobby you'll be in

We do the majority of our pre and post-race discusions on our discord channel. There's a link at the top of this page which links to our discord channel; please join us.

If you have any questions, ask in the relevent forum section, send a message to either DOR YelloCactus or DOR STEVE911, or in our discord channel and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Delta Chit Chat

CCX RallyCap Avatar
CCX RallyCap: I thought the enduro was a blast, I hope you do it again. Good times and great racing everyone! Thanks to the DOPR team for putting it on! Jun 21, 2020 22:27:18 GMT
CCX FishDawg Avatar
CCX FishDawg: Agree with RallyCap! DOR does a Great Job with everything! Always a great experience to be a part of. Thanks to All the DOR Team for putting it together. DeltaLiveTV is always entertaining to watch, much love to Silverback and my Man, Cosworth!🐟🐶 Jun 22, 2020 15:36:46 GMT
DOR YelloCactus Avatar
DOR YelloCactus: Thank you gents. :) Jun 22, 2020 19:32:34 GMT
VPR Jayc Avatar
VPR Jayc: Hi VPR Jayc here, hoping to get back into some clean fun racing. See you on the Track. Jun 25, 2020 19:35:51 GMT
newmy Avatar
newmy: Also on PC as well as Xbox :) Jun 28, 2020 5:04:52 GMT
David Whitehead Avatar
David Whitehead: hotlap challenge submission form has error "Blocked by X-Frame-Options Policy" Jun 28, 2020 13:47:05 GMT
DOR YelloCactus Avatar
DOR YelloCactus: Hi. I've no idea what x-frame options policy is. What are you using to view the site? Jun 28, 2020 18:01:21 GMT
David Whitehead Avatar
David Whitehead: yeah seems its firefox at fault as works with chrome Jun 29, 2020 13:08:54 GMT
turbomacka Avatar
turbomacka: Hello good fellas! Jul 4, 2020 15:20:30 GMT
fragforce Avatar
fragforce: Hello Jul 6, 2020 5:02:12 GMT
DOR YelloCactus Avatar
DOR YelloCactus: Hi there. Welcome to Delta Jul 6, 2020 19:36:15 GMT
MRT Peter86 Avatar
MRT Peter86: anyone got a set up for this weeks ACC Hot lap challange or any tips on setting up the Ferrari? Jul 12, 2020 8:25:03 GMT
DOR YelloCactus Avatar
DOR YelloCactus: Hi. If you jump into our discord, some of the guys may be able to help you out. Jul 14, 2020 4:30:42 GMT
RDE Pr0f1T Avatar
RDE Pr0f1T: Oi Jul 14, 2020 16:39:51 GMT
CCX Freebie Avatar
CCX Freebie: Do team members need to run the same mx5 at each round? Jul 24, 2020 17:21:58 GMT
DOR YelloCactus Avatar
DOR YelloCactus: No, team members can use the MX-5s in different orders Jul 25, 2020 8:07:03 GMT
DOR YelloCactus Avatar
DOR YelloCactus: Ref Prague next week.
Qualifying - clean laps take priority over dirty as normal.
Race 1 and 2 - the chicane CAN be cut.

The chicane is the only area we are relaxing track limits for obvious reasons.
Aug 2, 2020 21:06:47 GMT
nSmokez420 Avatar
nSmokez420: Is sign up for acc still open? Aug 6, 2020 0:51:14 GMT
nSmokez420 Avatar
nSmokez420: Says entry formed removed Aug 6, 2020 0:51:47 GMT
nSmokez420 Avatar
nSmokez420: NVM, I see it's full. I would love a reserve spot if possible lol Aug 6, 2020 0:57:07 GMT